10 reasons to visit Flores, Indonesia

Flores is one of the beautiful islands of Indonesia, and not far away from Bali. It’s a supergreen, quiet, full-of-all-kinds-of-animals and easy-to-go-to island. Not convinced yet? I give you my reasons to visit Flores:

1. The green, the blue

The green is so green and the blue so blue. No filter needed.

2. Komodo National Park

Yes, the Komodo dragon is very interesting but I’m talking about the Komodo National Park. It’s the whole area around Komodo island. You can do hiking, dive with Manta rays, lay on a pink beach, sit on a sandbank that’s just there for a day, spot some dolphins (I didn’t see any, but maybe you do) and many more amazing things you can do there http://www.florestourism.com/where-to-go/komodo-national-park To actually spot the Komodo dragon I prefer to go to Rinca, in island also part of the Komodo National Park. Why? Because it’s less crowded than the island Komodo.

3. Mount Kelimutu and it’s tri-colored crater lakes. 

Go early in de morning for sunrise you get a stunning view and see the colors of the lakes change during sunrise. It’s only a 30 minutes walk up and it’s a nice walk. When you walk around in the forest you’ll find all kinds of birds and monkeys. It’s so peaceful there. The crater lakes are only a small part of Kelimutu National Park, so don’t forget to enjoy the forest too. Read more about Kelimutu National Park  http://www.florestourism.com/where-to-go/kelimutu

4. Ikat textiles

On Flores the Ikat is still made in the most traditional way. It takes weeks, sometimes months to produce a cloth and the cloths all tell beautiful stories. Stories of the lives of the weavers. We buy the cloths directly from local weavers for our LARAS products to supports these amazing and talented women. Shop the Flores Collection: www.larasbags.com/shop

Want to learn how to weave and experience the local life in a small village. Try this lovely in-the-middle-of-nowhere Homestay. I really enjoyed staying here: Homestay Lepo Lorun https://www.facebook.com/LEPO-LORUN-Homestay-Maumere-420606161460241

Learning how to ikat

5. Good roads (in dry season)

If you’ve ever been to Indonesia you know, good roads are sometimes hard to find. On Flores you have the Trans Flores highway, it’s a small but good highway.

6. Lovely local people

On Flores (except Labuan Bajo) there are not a lot of tourists, you will meet a lot of locals. Smiling, waving or just doing their thing.

7. Go now!

It’s still green and full of animals. I hope people will take care of the island in the next couple of years. Think long-term instead of short-term. It’s good news there are a lot of people like Nina (I’ve met her in Flores) who care about the Flores environment. With Eco Flores Foundation she, together with locals, supports sustainable and equitable development of the island of Flores https://www.facebook.com/EcoFlores

8. Kanawa

A beautiful island with bad management (don’t stay there overnight). Go there for a day to snorkel, beautiful healthy coral with so many animals just a few meters in the water: sharks, turtles, lion fish, clown fish, octopus. There is a story about Dugongs (Sea cows). I haven’t seen them but other snorkelers I’ve met did, they saw them at the end of the reef. And there’s even a goat on the other side of the island, nice huh?


9. The food, especially the food in the jungle

You can go into the jungle with an axe and come back with all kinds of fruit and veggies. Go with a local though, don’t go running in the jungle chopping down everything you see. 

10. Easy to go to

Fly to Denpasar (Bali) and take a plane to Labuan Bajo, Maumere or Ende. Depends on where you start your trip.

Some advice about when to go: the best months to go to Flores is April – June and September – December. April – June: this is after rainy season the island will be supergreen. And it’s before high season, so not that crowded. September – October: After high season, more relaxed but less green. Very quiet on the island. Rainy season is also nice but the water can be crazy and roads can get blocked because of landslides. 

Excited to go to Flores and want to do a tour? I can recommend this company http://www.flores-komodotours.com/ Ask for Oyan. 

If you have more reasons to visit Flores. Feel free to add some more. Sharing is caring!

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