Insider tips: Indonesia and it's rich culture of craftsmanship

Discovered - a online marketplace for unique handmade products - interviewed me for an article about Indonesia. Makes me happy to see such stories spread about Indonesia and it's rich culture of craftsmanship. Read the full article on Discovered

Indonesia has a lot to offer. Whether it is food, adventures or landscapes you’re after, you’ll find it all over there! To convince you, I'll give you a few of my insider tips.


If someone was to spend one day in Indonesia, what should that person do? 
Go to the beautiful island Flores. Stay with a local family or with local artists like at Lepo Lorun (read more here). Walk into the amazing green nature and find something to eat (bananas, cashew nuts or coconuts), wander over the beach and enjoy being there all alone, watch the lovely weavers make the traditional Ikat textile with so much love and dedication. As the sun sets, drink some homemade palm wine, play some traditional music and just enjoy being surrounded by amazing and kind people who are smiling the entire day. 

After such a busy, what food or dish should be eaten? 
Indonesia has so many tasty foods, here are my favorites:

  • If you are a fish lover, have Ikan (fish in Indonesian) directly from the sea.
  • Gado-Gado is a typical dish with vegetables and peanut sauce. The organic restaurants in Ubud serve the best.
  • Sateh Ayam are small pieces of chicken on a stick. In Indonesia, they make the pieces small enough that you can taste the smoky flavor of the barbecue with every bite. 
  • Have Martabak Manis or Kue Lapis Surabaya for dessert and drink Cendol, the oh-so-sweet coconut milk drink, or Teh Botol, a cold sugared tea. 

What are your favorite things about Indonesia (can be a place, food, people, anything!)? 

  • The kind people who make you feel like you're family. And my most favorite things, or shall I say people, are my Oma Oetje (grandma), my aunt - who is also my business partner – and my uncle. They live in Indonesia with their lovely families. 
  • The food and the appreciation for food. People are cooking and eating the entire day. That's always a good sign. 
  • The size and the different sides of the country. This country has something for every traveler. And there is always something to explore. 
  • Cultural heritage. From the traditional ikat textile and the krisses to the traditional dance and gamelan: Indonesia has it all. It's important to sustain these arts before they disappear. 
  • Markets and the endless strolling between strange fruits, wonderful spices, baskets, woodwork, silver, kites, puppets, masks and more...

What is the most breathtaking landscape in Indonesia? 
For me, it would be the calmness of the bright green rice paddies and the roughness of the bright blue ocean.

One last tip? 
Learn some basic sentences and words like: terima kasih (thank you), apa kabar (hi/ how are you), baik-baik (I’m fine), maaf (sorry), selamat pagi/siang/sore/malam (good morning/afternoon/evening). It's a sign of respect and makes travelling more fun!

Read the full article on Discovered

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