Anak gado-gado

A few years ago I started my who-am-I-quest. You know, that thing you do when you are +/- 25 years old. Trying to understand who you are. So I started at the beginning of the story. Well, the beginning of my parents' story. How did they even met? My mom's Indonesian and my dad's Dutch.  My mom told me they met when she was 18 years old and came to the Netherlands for an internship in insurance. Wow, 18 years old and travelling all alone to the other side of the world. As she kept on telling the story, I felt more and more proud of being somehow part of this awesome story, being Indonesian and Dutch. And found out there's a word for this, this being Indonesian and Dutch; Indo. 

 My mom, dad and me in the Efteling 

My mom, dad and me in the Efteling 

So what is the meaning of the word Indo? 

To be honest, I never knew the difference between being Indonesian and being Indo. Indo means Indo-European. So half Indonesian, half European. I like to call this anak gado-gado (literaly: child half-half). Even if you have a small amount of Indonesian in you, you're Indo. Indo is almost the same as being 'Indisch'. Only 'Indische' people are Indo's but also the people who where born in the Dutch East Indies and future generations of these people. 

Not so fun fact: A few years ago an old man called me 'blue one'. I smiled at him, not knowing what it meant. Now I know... It's a bad word for 'Indische' people. 

Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm still learning while exploring my Indonesian roots :) You can use the comments below. 

There are lots of website where you can find great information about 'Indo-ness'. And great to learn and explore more about being Indo! That's where I got my information. Note: the websites are in dutch. If you have found other great websites about being Indo, please let me know! Sharing is caring :)