How to make Lemper balls

Of all the tasty Indonesian snacks my favorite snack is Lemper ayam (Ayam means 'chicken'). The only thing is, for me this chicken/ rice roll is to big. I really love to eat a lot in small portions :) So I made the lemper today - my first time! - but in the size of a Dutch bitterbal (small round snack). I used the recipe from the lovely book I got from my mother; Boekoe Bagoes (means 'nice book'). 

Lemper Ayam

4-6 pers. +/- 75 min. 

250 g ketan

25 g santen

1/2 tbs salt 

For the filling:

2 onions

3 cloves garlic 

1 tbs ketoembar

1/2 tbs djintan

1/2 tbs koenjit 

4 kemiri nuts (roasted and minced)

1/2 tbs laos

Oil for cooking 

200 g cooked chicken, pulled 

25 g santen 

1 lemongrass, crushed

Put the ketan (rice) in a pan with 400 ml water. Let it boil, stir the santen and salt with the rice. Slow cook the rice approx. 20 min. Let it cool off. 

For the filling: grind the onions, garlic, ketoembar, djintan, koenjit, kemiri and laos in a machine or with a mortar. Heat the oil in a saucepan and put the mixture in the pan for a few minutes. Put the chicken, lemongrass and 3 tablespoons of water in the pan. Let it cook for 10 min. In the end get the lemongrass out of the pan.

Take some rice with wet hands on a small piece of plasticfoil, put a small amount of chickenfilling on the rice and top it with rice again. Take the corners of the plasticfoil and turn. So that it looks like ball. 

So this was my first try and I'm pretty happy with the result. For the next couple of weeks I'm going to optimize the filling to my taste. Anyone ideas/ other recipes? Do share. Sharing is caring!

Did you noticed the beautiful traditional Indonesian Batik in the pictures ;) So beautiful.