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You can contact me via larasbagsnl@gmail.com I try to reply in 5 days.

media & talks

I love talking about Indonesian textiles (batik, ikat, endek) and the stories behind the cloths. And working together with others who also want to empower these textiles and their makers. I also enjoy talking and writing about exploring my Dutch-Indonesian roots (and 3th gen Indo’s) and LARAS – as a tribute to my roots. To help and inspire others to explore their Indo roots. See Media & Talks

Consultant and Storyteller Indonesian Textiles

For expert advice about Indonesian Textiles, or you want me as a Storyteller (host) for your event/ documentary etc? I would love to work together! You can contact me via larasbagsnl@gmail.com Let’s work together and do awesome things to empower the Indonesian textiles and their makers!

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With love, Lara

We are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands