Together with my talented aunt Atiet in Indonesia we combine the beautiful handmade ikat from Flores with her skills of making these bags. Scroll down to learn more about the makers of these bags.

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Meet the makers

My aunt Atiet

The weavers from Flores

LARAS collaborate with the lovely women of a Weaver Cooperation located in a small village in Flores, Indonesia. Flores is well known for it’s fine traditional Ikat weaving. 

Together with the Womens Weaver Cooperation, we help sustain the long tradition of Ikat weaving in Indonesia. Ikat-weavers want to keep weaving and create a more steady income from their Ikat textiles. They are proud of their weaving skills, and want you to have the possibility to stand out in style with their work of art.

Every Ikat cloth is unique with her own colors and designs and they a tell a story, stories about all the beautiful things in the weavers’ life. 
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