Indonesian Textiles meets Dutch Fashion designers – A tribute to my Dutch x Indonesian roots. Empowering the Indonesian textiles, their makers and Dutch fashion designers.

Growing up I saw a lot of beautiful Indonesian cloths, like the ones my mom used for her Javanese dancing or when we went to family weddings in Indonesia. And our whole house was full of these beautiful cloths. A few years ago, I started to explore my Indonesian roots. Learning more and more about these handmade textiles and the artists who make these cloths with such love and dedication. I even found out that my mother’s grandmother used to make the Indonesian textile batik. I’m so proud this beautiful art is part of my family heritage.

Out of respect for my family heritage, the handmade textiles and it’s makers

Nowadays sadly a lot of these textiles are machine-made and mass-produced. There is no soul, there is no story, there’s no person behind the cloth. As a result the cultural heritage of making these handmade textiles is disappearing. Out of respect for my family heritage, the handmade textiles and it’s makers, I feel obligated to preserve this art and their makers. So I started my social enterprise LARAS, to show the world these beautiful cloths and their makers.

Connecting Indonesian textiles with dutch fashion designers

By connecting these beautiful textiles to talented, young Dutch fashion designers I’m making it possible for people to wear these beautiful and unique handmade textiles in a modern way and let people proudly show their support for the art, it’s makers in Indonesia and the talented Dutch designers.

selecting the indonesian textiles

We select the handmade Indonesian Textiles (Ikat, Batik, Songket, Endek) one by one directly from the makers, so each item is unique. Some of the cloths are family vintage pieces, donated by my Indonesian oma Oetje (grandma), my mother or other family members. My talented aunt Atiet who lives in Indonesia not only manage the business in Indonesia, she also makes the first collection bags with much love and dedication. I am so grateful for her love and dedication.

LARAS x you?

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With love, Lara Peeters

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